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A Pi Beta Phi Holiday

The Pi Beta Phi Fraternity is a group of women that is based on the servant leadership model. The group is composed of women from different walks of life whose main goal is to grow together by empowering each other. The University of New Mexico - Albuquerque holds the New Mexico Alpha chapter.

What are Pi Beta Phi’s core values?

The core values upon which the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women is built include:


·Lifelong commitment

·Honor and respect

·Personal and intellectual growth

·Philanthropic service to others

·Sincere friendship

What does it mean to be a Pi Beta Phi?

Being a Pi Beta Phi simply means living to fulfill the vision of the 12 founders of the Pi Phi Fraternity while being guided by the core values that make a Pi Phi woman a better woman.

Pi Beta Phi’s philanthropy is ‘Read, Lead, Achieve.'The main ways through which Pi Beta Phi has ensured that kids have access to education include:

·Starting a library in York, Nebraska

·Establishment of a settlement school in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

·Raising funds to supply books to libraries

·Establishment of the ‘Champions are Readers’ (CAR) program that promotes the reading behavior and habits in children

·Donation of books and funds that are used towards the enrichment of education for kids

·Establishment of different reading initiatives such as ‘Arrow in the Arctic’, ‘Fraternity Day of Service’, and even the CAR program, all of which are part of Pi Beta Phi’s philanthropic effort.

The main reasons why it’s important to give service to the community during the holiday season include:

·It makes you happier

·Your service will be of great assistance to those who need it

·By offering your service, you inspire others to join you in the good work

·It can improve your physical and mental health

·You help to spread the holiday love and cheer

·Volunteering presents the opportunity to meet new people and make friends

·It makes you want to appreciate what you have

·Your confidence gets a boost when you impact other people’s lives positively

·Volunteer work can help you land a new job

·You can acquire new skills as well as hone the ones you have already

How do these values tie into the holidays?

As we all know, the holidays are the perfect time to share what we have with others. The core values of the Pi Beta Phi fraternity focus on promoting other people’s welfare by being of service to them. These values guide the group towards serving the community and sharing what they have during the holiday season.The core values bind the women into a lifelong commitment. As such, these women are obligated to be of service and importance to others at all times, and especially during holidays, when the season is all about giving and being generous with what we have.

Why are the holidays so important to give service to your community?

One of the core values of Pi Beta Phi is to be of Philanthropic service to others. The main reason the holiday season is important to give service to the community is that the period can be a difficult time for those in need, despite it being a time for joy, laughter, and thanksgiving for families.

Besides, the holiday season presents enough time for Pi Beta Phis and other volunteers as well to be of service to the community and all the people that need help. On top of that, since the holidays are a time to give thanks for what you have, one of the best ways to do that is to give back to those around you.

A Message from Pi Phi

The sisters of the New Mexico Alpha chapter would love to wish the Taos community a very merry and happy holiday season. This season, we hope you stay safe and warm with your friends and families, remembering the bonds that bind us together - near and far. As the New Year approaches, let us align our values as a community and come together because we will need each unique individual's skills and talents to rebuild our community's foundation once the pandemic is over. Always aspire to grow and to give service to others, because creating sincere friendships links us together and helps to keep us holding on when times are bad. Happy Holidays!