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Alejandro Chacon - Notion Records

Notion Records

Alejandro Chacon, also known as DroAudio, is an artist and music producer from Taos. He was initially born in California, but his parents returned to Taos when he was about 5-7 months old. So, Alejandro has been on and off in Taos, New Mexico, since 1980.

The Story Behind the Business

Alejandro is the founder of Notion Records, located at the Plaza right in the middle of Taos. Alejandro also has a home studio in Albuquerque. Notion Records was initially called A-C Productions, but Alejandro decided to change the name based on a musical ideology. He thought of binding together musical notes and motion,and since music speaks to our emotions most of the time. Notes meaning notes in motion became Notion Records. And that's how he came up with the word 'notion' and changed AC productions to Notion Records.

What Got Alejandro Interested in Recording Music

When he was young and in high school, Alejandro was always interested in the music-making process. He was still curious about how musicians managed to create such captivating and tune-catchy songs.Although Alejandro had decided to go for orthodontics in school, music took over his passion, and he wanted to learn more about making records. He wanted to know the whole process behind the scenes before the music gets released to the public. As a result, he attended the Art Institute in Seattle after finishing his high school studies.He registered in the audio production sector, and Alejandro got his degree in audio production in 2000.

Passion and admiration are what drove Alejandro into the music-making industry. During this time, Alejandro also learned from top professionals. It was a proud moment because these professionals worked with renowned bands like Nirvana and Sound garden.

His Experience in Getting Started with Music Production

Alejandro worked with his first client in 2000. It was a hip-hop project that went on for ten years. He went on to produce three albums alongside producing local artists. For him, it was a significant accomplishment to complete the first album.

How COVID Has Affected Alejandro's Business

Like most businesses, the COVID pandemic has also given Alejandro some fair share of difficulties in running his business. He also owns a DJ company, which had some weddings and special occasions canceled. However, Alejandro has had some luck as he gained more clients in his home studio in Albuquerque. He's been busy and has done a few projects during this time.

Why Music Production is Important to Alejandro

Because it's what he loves doing, Alejandro can't sit back knowing that he's not working on his craft. To him, this is a calling, and it would be hard for him to stop regardless of how long the virus will last. Apart from Alejandro's clients, he's also working on producing an R & B album. He's planning to release the album by the end of the year or early 2021.


PHONE: (505)977-2797

FB: therealnotionrecords