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Bethany Alaniz - Beth-a-Sketch

How Beth-a-Sketch Started

Born and raised in Taos, New Mexico, Bethany Alaniz is a 26-year-old mother of two boys. Bethany is also a local artist and graphics designer known by her business name, Beth-a-Sketch. Bethany liked doodling ever since she was in school. Instead of writing notes, you would always find her doodling in all her books. However, she never really knew what to do with her love for doodling.When the pandemic hit, she was stuck home like most people. While spending time with her boys, Bethany would join them in creating artwork. She started doing time lapses of herself by drawing on a sketch pad with her Sharpies.After some time, the practice grew into a daily habit, and that’s when Bethany’s brothers convinced her to get an iPad and an Apple pencil. She followed their advice and downloaded Procreate on the iPad, creating all her drawings and designs.Because they were already digital copies, Bethany started creating stickers out of her work but in a few sets. She would then sell them through the site, and that bloomed as she progressed. Afterward, Bethany started making hoodies, with her main hoodie being the mama bear hoodie.

How the Name Beth-a-Sketch Came Up

The name Beth-a-Sketch was actually one of Bethany’s older brother’s ideas. This is because Bethany didn’t really have a name for her brand at the time, and she didn’t want to be recognized by her regular name. She wanted something catchy, and her brother started joking around only to come up with the name Beth-a-Sketch. Since then, Bethany changed her social media names to that and has been using it ever since.

The Community on Her Art

Bethany was really shocked with how the community became so supportive of her artwork. According to her, it was a surprise to realize that so many people were interested in stickers and digital designs. As a result, she has received massive support from the community and hopes to continue working on her art.

Bethany’s Training Journey

As for training, Bethany grew up around her mom, who is actually an artist. Bethany would visit her mother in the office and watch her create art using different tools and methods. This got her intrigued and later interested in doing art as well.So, for training, she mostly got it from her mother, and other family members were into art as well.

The Vision for Beth-a-Sketch

For Bethany, this process has been an eye-opener, especially during the pandemic. She is now able to make enough for her family because she has two boys. Bethany hopes to launch her website soon enough and also create logo designs for some local companies. Additionally, she’s also looking forward to some family companies offering logo design work. In the meantime, she continues to create stickers and hoodies to see where it takes her. Bethany's husband Andre Santistevan is also her biggest supporter. He is hands on and helps to create some of the designs as well. They have been together for twelve years and continue to teach their kids the importance of fallowing your passion.

Bethany’s Take on COVID

According to Bethany, COVID has been a blessing in disguise. Because of the pandemic, she spent more time at home and picked up on her drawing again. And although she acknowledges that it has been challenging for most people, Bethany has been fortunate to experience positive changes in her life and business.

Bethany’s Advice to Others Like Her

Her main advice to enthusiastic artists is to strive for whatever they aim to achieve. As for the mothers, they should know that they are also their own persons. Bethany urges people to put 100% into themselves before anyone else.