Brigitte Barlos - Long Whit Limousine

Elvis Presley was undoubtedly the King of Rock and Roll. Unfortunately, his death remains a mystery up to date. If you are a big fan of Elvis and have always wanted to know the circumstances that led to his demise, the book, Long White Limousine by Brigitte Barlos, can answer many of your questions.

The Long White Limousine covers the life of Elvis from 1969 until the date he passed away, which was on 16th August 1977. The author, Brigitte, currently aged 63, is initially from Germany. However, she lived in Nashville, Tennessee, for almost ten years before moving to Taos, New Mexico.

Like many of us, Brigitte discovered Elvis when she was very young. She heard her first Elvis song when she was nine years old. And the funny part is that Barlos didn’t speak or write English back then. A year later, her mom bought her one of Elvis’s albums, and as she started to learn English, Elvis was one of her teachers. She loved writing down his song lyrics. Brigitte loved Elvis so much that she saved up for almost three years to come to his concert. Unfortunately, her first visit to Memphis was a year after Elvis had passed on.

Brigitte is an experienced author. She currently works as a Chef in Arizona and as a legal translator. She also published a cookbook, the Homegrown Gourmet, highlighting the local Taos cuisine. Brigitte also worked in Memphis at Federal Express. The reason behind her move to Memphis was to be closer to the Elvis landscape and explore his musical roots.

Her journey towards writing the Long White Limousine started with a 40-page epitaph about Elvis Presley. This epitaph was based on research done in Memphis. Brigitte was lucky enough to have visited Presley’s mansion in Graceland back when it was inaccessible to the public.

There, she interviewed Harold Lloyd, Elvis’s first cousin. Vesto Presley, his uncle. Charlie Hodge, his guitarist, and Bill Burke, a journalist who painted Elvis in the 1950s. These people were very close to Elvis and gave Brigitte first-hand information about the life of this famous artist. Funny enough, the information Brigitte obtained from these individuals differed from what was aired on the news. And that’s exactly what she writes about in this book.

In this novel, Brigitte Barlos narrates what happened to Elvis Presley from 1969 to 1977. She discusses the influence of Tom Parker, who was Elvis’s manager for over two decades. She also highlights that Elvis didn’t die because of a heart attack. She alludes that he was killed. And all this information is obtained from authentic sources such as his guitarist and uncle.

As we wait for his autopsy to be revealed in 2027, which will mark his 50th death anniversary, the Long White Limousine dives into the suspicious death of this superstar. Brigitte is more than confident that her theory will be confirmed when the real cause of death is revealed in the autopsy.

Whether you are an old or new fan of Elvis Presley, you deserve to know the truth about what happened to him. The Long White Limousine is available on Amazon at a reasonable price. You can also sample this book before buying it on the Long Black Limousine forum. Brigitte promises her readers more sequences of this book in the coming future.