Charlotte T. Grayce - Have an Intentional New Year

It is said that Ninety Two percent of Americans begin eachNew Year with a list of resolutions only to abandon them within the first 21days of January; according to a study by the University of Scranton published in December of 2021. What makes our goals so easy to abandon?  We’re not all quitters. Not all 92% of us.  Maybe we’re unrealistic in our requests to ourselves.  Or is it a fear-based insecurity that we’re not worthy or able to meet such a goal?  Most likely it’s the latter; we probably don’t feel as though we’re worthy or capable.

Recently while listening to a podcast by a spiritual teacher and best-selling author Gabby Bernstein, she pointed out that by establishing a“resolution” we declare there is something wrong to begin with.  Woah; let me say that again.  A resolution means we have something to resolve.  Only problems need resolving thus we’re setting up our best intentions to fail because we’re starting on the“wrong” or a negative foot by unconsciously saying to the Universe, “something is wrong.”

In an age where we finally recognize body shaming is wrong,we still have a lot of layers to peel back on that topic alone.  Many of us are still not comfortable in our own skin or body frame and we find ourselves saying, “I have to lose 20 lbs in 2023”.  I want to encourage my readers here to firstly work on accepting and loving yourselves right where you are at,extra poundage and all. Goals are good and should be set!  Where we fall short is most of us desire to lose that weight but once January 4th, 5th or 6th creeps up we begin with self-doubt and start questioning, “did I set a realistic goal or is losing that much weight impossible for me?” Let’s edit our thought patterns just ever so slightly, like adjusting a picture to fit properly within a frame.

“Intention based steps” is my new mantra for 2023.  I don’t have to wait until January 1st of 2024 to begin anew if I slip early in the game.  I can pick up my intentions again the very next day.  And so can you.  The Holy Bible says that God’s mercies are new every morning.  Friends, that translates to every day we get a fresh new start!  Why wouldn’t we get back up and keep on trying?  You deserve the best possible you!  Your loved ones do too.

I’m starting my new year off with a promise: I plan to show up for myself.  This may mean that I will plan on incorporating more healthy habits into my life, one day at a time.  I may decide to walk 3-4 times a week and do yoga twice a week. I intend to choose my diet wisely. I will focus on the steps towards my better version of me rather than the outcome I’m hoping to achieve.  Results will be a product of my actions.  The plan is to never give up momentum.  Mindfully making better choices daily.

Healthy habits are not restricted to diet and exercise.  To nurture our bodies is to do well but we’d be doing ourselves a disservice to neglect our spiritual and mental health. I want to pray more.  I wish to care more deeply. To be more kind, more compassionate and feel more unity and love for others.If I catch myself beginning to ride a bad wave, casting a criticism, judgment or participating (even if just listening!) to gossip, then I’m already out of line with the greater good intended for my physical and energetic fields; causing a negative ripple effect for those who come within my range.  So, I’m going to show up for others too, one intention step at a time.  Should I fall,I’ll get up and keep on trying, the whole 365 days that I have an opportunity to be a better me. I hope you slightly shift your mindset along with me0 and join me on this amazing journey of self-care.  Have a most wonderful, Intentional Year!

~ Charlotte

Photos by: J.Nouvel Photography