Daniela & Adrian - The Sandwater Children

Daniela and Adrian Huber created the tarot card deck called The Sandwater Children. At the same time, this deck was completed, the pair also had their first son, Atticus, who is now six months old. All three have been in Taos for about a year now. Living out in Carson, NM, Adrian makes plenty of music, while Daniela is an illustrator, writer, and tattoo artist.

The Motivation Behind The Sandwater Children

The pair decided to come up with The Sandwater Children tarot card deck after experimenting with some symbols. Adrian started painting and putting symbols over old playing cards and gave them to friends and people during meetings. Eventually, they realized that the symbols represented a considerable part of what they’ve done in their lives.

Their Training Process

Both Daniela and Adrian were homeschooled, so they had plenty of time to choose what they wanted to learn growing up. Adrian especially loved learning new things by himself. For that reason, he is always thirsty for knowledge, happiest when he can learn new things by himself.Daniela felt a bit lonely during her homeschooling years. However, she countered the feeling of spending hours with books and learning what she wanted. So, both have had no formal training, just the spirit of life and its experiences.

Why They Created the Deck

The pair felt that it was a calling for them to create The Sandwater Children tarot card deck. With the whole world-changing, they thought that this was the best way to bring out something new.

The pair invites people interested in nature and living in the moment to use their tarot cards. Adrian was already creating his own symbols, and so was Daniela with her tattoo drawings. They also studied the symbols with others around the world and saw that they resembled each other. Every color has a story behind it, and Adrian used candlelight to create each symbol.

Why It’s Called Sandwater Children

It’s named from a tribe called The Sandwich Children because they are the water between the grains of sand. The card deck has 95 cards and is now 7 months old. It stands for an experience that you have in a full life.

What Brought Them to Taos

The pair considers that Taos chose them, in a nutshell, by calling them as it does with so many people. For them, Taos is full of  ancient energy and amplifies whatever people decide to produce around here. That’s why they loved the place and felt that it was a good idea to bring their craft here.

COVID’s Impact on Their Lives

Because Daniela was mostly pregnant during the start of the COVID pandemic, it didn’t have too much effect on their lives. They were focused on preparing for the arrival of their first baby. The pair mainly stayed at home watching movies, spending quality time with each other, and making art. They’ve had time to enjoy the beautiful New Mexico sky with their puppy, and they now would like to get out more.

Their Goals for the Remainder of the Year

Family time is highly essential for both Adrian and Daniela. As a result, they plan to have more cozy dinners together and plenty of warm fires as well.

How They Are Promoting Their Tarot Deck

It’s a team effort for the pair as they run a website and an Instagram page. Daniela is the one most involved with the socials, while Adrian takes care of fulfilling the orders. Besides that, they now have a digital marketer who will be pushing their work to the masses.

How to Find Their Work

You can find their deck on their website, Instagram, and Studio 107 in town at the house gallery beside the World Cup.

End of The Year Reading by The Sandwater Children:

1.) The first card that was pulled from The Sandwater Children deck represents the past on the tarot spread. This card represents something that Taos did and can be proud of. The title of this card is called 'Making Small Miracles.' And it's about, leaving a small token or gesture like a flower in a public bathroom or leaving  a nice note for a stranger, or just doing something small for the world that looks like a miracle. But it's really just a small act of kindness. So that's where Taos comes in and has offered the people. It's been making a lot of small miracles for a lot of people.

2.) The next card in the spread represents the present. This card is known as 'Taking The Pill.' Taking the pill is about doing something for yourself that isn't that pleasant but you know you're gonna feel better afterwards. So you just have to drink that bitter tea of the quarantine. And then you will start to feel so much better, that's how Daneila would interpret this card in this moment.

3.) The card that represents what the rest of year looks like and something one should hold onto for Taos. This card is called 'Spilling The Wine.' This card represents a message that Taos should keep the wine in the cellars and into glasses, because there's gonna be times to celebrate, so don't spill the wine. Don't throw it all out. Don't think that this was it, and that we're done. You're gonna need that wine, don't spill it.

4.) The next card in the tarot spread represents what to keep for the end of this year. And it's a card called 'Drying A Stranger's Tears.' So it's about being here for each other, not just your friends, because of course, you're going to be here for your friends., and your friends are here for you. But it's about being here for strangers, for people who maybe don't have the same opinion or maybe people that you never see again. This represents Taos for the rest of the year, one should be ready to dry a stranger's tears and live as a community, even if you don't know each other.

5.) The last card in the reading represents something for Taos to embrace for the rest of the year. This card is called 'Leaving The Shoes Out In The Rain. ' It's about not worrying about the small things. So if you leave the shoes out in the rain, you can be really upset with yourself. You can be like "No why did I do that?" You know, and go yell at yourself. But really, you just bring them inside and let them dry and make fire and it's it's fun. Daniela states that you are very welcome to make your own story or interpretation from these cards. However, she really believes it's an awesome, awesome message. It looks like the rest of the year is going to be pretty cozy.


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