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Dorthy Vaughn - Cooking Up Literature

Dorothy Vaughn has been in Taos, New Mexico, for under a year now. She moved to Taos with her soulmate, Leondra Clayton. They came here to start a life together, to create something different and new from what they have experienced before. They also run a local catering business called LeeCooks Church. Like most people, Dorothy and her partner came to Taos to discover more about themselves and build community.

Her Projects

Currently, Dorothy's primary work is with the LeeCooks Church business, where she does almost everything. Some of the duties she undertakes include PR responsibilities, customer service, logo design, and she is also interested in creating puns. Dorothy's background is English literature, where she started out studying literature from France, Africa, and Caribbean works of art. She earned her Bachelor's Degree and has proficiency in American Literature. With this, Dorothy likes to analyze culture from a black standpoint. Dorothy also has an appreciation for Harlem Renaissance, where she is currently focusing on learning more about it. To describe her projects, Dorothy delivers art that reflects Harlem, New York City, and the diaspora as a whole.

Dorothy's Art Form

When describing her work, Dorothy sees herself as a writer. That is, she considers herself as someone that writes the memoir type of work. She writes poems, stories, and advertising is a big thing for her. With that in mind, the following are some of the things that Dorothy likes to create:

· Taglines with puns

· Quick jokes

· One, two, and three liners

· and other concise pieces of work

Dorothy's Vision and Mission

As a writer, Dorothy wants to include the female, black queer, and gay in her work. She plans to do this by writing based on her different perspectives and representing all oppressed people worldwide. She has a broad understanding of different cultures and gives thanks to her broad background and diverse literature. Moreover, Dorothy has also learned more about different cultures through her experience in Taos and plans on integrating two different worlds together in her work. To accomplish that, Dorothy keeps on learning to understand other people's knowledge, culture, and contribution to the human race. She embraces and understands other people's views as well in her line of work.

Her Taos Perception

Since Taos is mostly made up of Native Americans and Hispanics, Dorothy has noticed a few things about being black in Taos. First, there are few black people in town, and black culture is not well-represented or showcased here compared to where she has lived in the past. Thus, her aim is to educate people about the black culture in the best possible way that she can. She has received a warm welcome in Taos and thinks that people here are open-minded, which is a good thing. However, she still feels that there is space for the people of Taos to learn more about her culture.

Dorothy's Message of Encouragement

According to Dorothy, every community has a part to play in this current era. Each community should focus on understanding each other's communities, work together and support each other through their hurdles. As mentioned earlier, Dorothy likes that she has made a home in Taos and feels welcomed, and plans to uplift others.