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Jasmine Lopez - Moves That Lead

Jasmine Lopez is the captain of the Taos High School dancing team. She is a born and raised Taos resident and has been dancing for about thirteen or fourteen years. Jasmine is also enthusiastic about helping around her community, and she also likes to help with church activities, among other things.

Her Experience in High School with COVID

For Jasmine and most seniors, it hasn’t been a senior year that they were hoping for. According to her, it has mostly been an awful experience considering that they have to miss out on a lot as seniors in high school.

Jasmine’s Next Move After High School

After high school, Jasmine will attend the NMSU in Las Cruces to major in education. She also hopes that it will be different for the next seniors and her experience in college. Jasmine misses the student-teacher interaction because it helps to learn more and solve problems easier. On her thoughts about leaving Taos, Jasmine admits that it will be a big change considering that she’s lived here all her life up to now. She has very few family members who live outside Taos. This means that she’ll have to learn to live independently for quite some time while in college learning. However, Jasmine is hopeful and optimistic that everything will work out well though it will be her first-time leaving Taos. Jasmine is most thankful that she was able to still connect with her fellow seniors with COVID around. She always tries to communicate with them and hopes that each graduating class is happy and healthy regardless of the current situation. As long as everyone gets what they need and the support they require, Jasmine feels there is no better feeling of gratitude than that. Additionally, Jasmine is also enthusiastic about making changes. She is hopeful that she can help the teaching sector by creating a business around the cause. With this approach, Jasmine desires to develop lesson plans for teachers in different departments to help them work more efficiently and effectively. Her other focus is to offer assistance to her community in whichever way that she can.

Jasmine’s Message to the Taos Community

One thing Jasmine loves about living in Taos is how close the community is. According to her, there is a special bond here that’s hard to deny, and people show their togetherness in many ways. From her experience, people are mostly friendly in Taos and never rude. This makes Taos a very special and peaceful place to live in, whether as a local or a visitor. Jasmine believes that Taos is amazing and beautiful to dwell in and hopes that it continues to be like that forever.