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Jimmy Stadler - Musician for Life

Jimmy Stadler – A Musician for Life

Jimmy Stadler is a professional musician who writes and records original music. He's been a professional for 45 years now, and he's both a session musician and teaches music.Jimmy landed in Taos, New Mexico, 34 years ago, and he only came because of a 5-month skiing adventure. Since then, Taos has been amazing for him, and his stay here worked out better.

What Got Jimmy Started on Music

Music was an integral part of Jimmy's childhood because his father played both the guitar and piano. His father also played the accordion, and Jimmy's mother was a concert pianist. Therefore, Jimmy and his siblings all grew up listening and playing music, surrounded my many different musical instruments.When growing up, the musical environment contributed a lot to his love and professionalism on the craft. With such capabilities and the support from many people, Jimmy pursued music all his life.

Jimmy's First Performance

Jimmy's first performance was in the second grade. He did this with a friend he is still friends with today, who knew how to sing Louie Louie. They performed for both the second and third-grade classes in their small cafeteria. Jimmy and his friend had a good time during that performance. This was Jimmy's first taste of the rush of performing in front of a crowd.

Formal Training with a Guitar

Jimmy had formal training with the guitar in sixth grade and has been using that knowledge ever since. He also had vocal coaching and violin lessons in Los Angeles. Besides that, Jimmy taught himself to play other instruments on the road. He did this by incorporating hard work and self-discipline because he was on the road at only 17 years.

How COVID Impacted Jimmy's Music Business

Like anyone else in his profession, Jimmy's music business has been impacted significantly. He misses the live gigs but was fortunate to still perform for the last seven months. Jimmy did this virtually with backyard concerts and also performed on the Fourth of July, weddings, and other local small gatherings. The shows were all outside, and the weather was fortunate enough.
COVID was also a blessing in disguise for Jimmy as he got to do many things due to more free time. Jimmy Stadler wrote new songs, bridges to older songs, along with a new upcoming recorded album. "It's what you call making lemonades out of lemons," Jimmy said with a loud chuckle.

The Importance of Music to Jimmy

Music is Jimmy's purpose, and he's performed with some of his heroes. He thanks God for finding out his role here on earth and wouldn't trade it for anything. Music has helped him reach people and communicate love, peace, and comfort. He's so joyful when he sees young and enthusiastic musicians learning to play the guitar, piano, and any other musical instrument.Jimmy's goal is to release his sixth CD called 'a different light,' a title he picked before COVID hit. He's also teaching music online in Taos, and once through with his CD, Jimmy aims to start promoting it.Where to Find Jimmy Stadler's WorkYou can find Jimmy's work on his official website, which is at, and his new CD will be out this November 2020.