John Fullbright - The Bee Guy

Disclaimer: Note that we are NOT promoting Bee Therapy, and John is not a medical professional. We are just telling a story from someone else's experience. The bees used for Bee Therapy are humanely harvested and are at the end of their life cycle. Lyme disease is a serious medical condition, and one should always consult their doctor before trying any new type of therapy.That's because people are different, and venom therapy might not be as effective or healthy to others as it is for John.

Meet John - The Bee Guy

John Fulbright is a Taos resident but originally came from Los Alamos, New Mexico. He came to Taos as a young lad in 1984, where he began to river guide. He has Lyme disease and has been  using Bee Therapy together along with his wife to cope with the disease. John is sharing his experience with Bee Therapy and how he found its benefits for his whole family.

Learning About Lyme Disease

Neither John nor his wife knew they had Lyme disease until they started to feel noticeably sick over some time. John was also experiencing vision problems alongside neurological issues. He was initially seeking medical attention for his wife because of her unknown symptoms that seemed more severe. When they both embarked on research, it led them to a devastating diagnosis of Lyme disease. Afterward, they decided to visit a specialist in Albuquerque who deals in Kinesiology. After undergoing tests to see what was making them sick, the specialist got the results, and John and his wife were diagnosed with Lyme disease. It turns out this wasn't something new, and John learned that he had Lyme for quite some time. When Lyme disease came up, it was the farthest thing from John's mind. He knew he had tick bites as a child. He also suffered from severe migraines and vision lapses at different moments, but he never correlated that it might have something to do with Lyme disease from a tick.

However, most people don't realize they are sick immediately. Other issues might cause inflammation and respiratory problems. So, it was a battle against Lyme for both John and his wife, and it wasn't a cheap encounter. That's because most specialists dealing with the disease are costly to consult, and the process of managing the condition is even more expensive.

How They Came Across Bee Therapy

After concluding that they needed to find relief from their symptoms, John and his wife continued their research for help. Fortunately, they stumbled upon a woman who deals with such issues through the help of a friend. The woman lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and specializes in ancient practices with bees. After doing long and intensive research about Bee Therapy, John booked an appointment with the woman.

His first session took about 20 minutes. John was stung by bees during that time, and the specialist spent most of the time removing the stings.Afterward, the woman tapped along the meridian acupuncture points of John's body to evenly spread the bee venom. John felt a sense of relief in his nerves and felt his body reconnecting neurologically. Even though John experienced some side effects, such as getting a pungent smell from releasing toxins, he never missed his Bee Therapy sessions. The benefits were surprising to John as he had more energy and regained his strength. John was waking up refreshed, with no more pain.

John's Message during the Pandemic

John is very fortunate to have discovered something with nature that offers remedies to his symptoms. Growing up in New Mexico and being a river and mountain guide his whole life, John appreciates being reconnected to nature through Bee Therapy. John desires always to be a voice of nature and help nature help humanity to live in harmony. Through Johns's experience with Lyme disease, he became intimately aware of the bee Kingdom's magic, the nervous system in the human body, and the inner relationship to the bees into plant medicines. He describes his journey as having had had nothing short of a complete rebirth.Because he's been through many life-threatening experiences, John thinks people should take this pandemic seriously and adhere to the set guidelines to stay safe.


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