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Julia Fernandez - Gift the Perfect Booty

Booty Academy

Julia from The Body Shop LLC is motivated to keep Taos healthy and connected this holiday season. And just because it's that time of year for holiday fun, food, and festivities does not mean you can't show up to the holidays with a popping booty and glutes. We all know it's great to have a nice bottom half but did you know that your butt holds up the vast majority of the rest of your body? It is probably one of the most important muscles to work and probably one of Julia’s favorites so don't forget to join The Body Shop for their online booty training. You get train with Julia and her team any day of the week anywhere you are at. The Body Shop LLC offers a one of a kind signature Booty Academy, so if you're looking for a new booty for the New Year for a new you, it's time to check out The Body Shop!

There are three different glutes:    

-Gluteus Maximus

-Gluteus Medius

-Gluteus Minimus.

The Breakdown

These muscles are responsible for extension of the hip, internal rotation, and abduction of the hip. It is fundamental to have strong glutes to properly execute many common lower extremity exercises like dead-lifts, squats and even walking. The Gluteus Medius and Minimus work together to support hip abduction and prevent hip abduction. These muscles are useful when needing to balance on one leg, where controlling the motion of the pelvis on the femur is of the highest importance.Gluteus Maximus is the main hip extensor muscle and is also the biggest of the three-gluteal muscles.Having strong glutes is vital for proper pelvic alignment, propulsion during running, and even single-limb stance support and lower back support during lifting motions. This helps to prevent knee injuries during lifting and running exercises.



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