Kamila Rael - European Alterations and Tailoring

Kamila resides in Taos but was born in Czechoslovakia. When she came to the United States, Kamila didn’t know how to speak any English, so it was a bit of a struggle for her. At that time, she was 24 years old and wanted to learn the language to connect better with the people around her.But because the lessons required her to pay, Kamila started looking for a job. She was fortunate to land her first job, which was Brazilian tailoring in California. Since she came to Taos, Kamila has felt at home and doesn’t even anticipate leaving the town.

Her Educational Journey in Tailoring

Kamila’s first degree was in electrical engineering. However, this wasn’t her desire, but mostly her father’s doing. Once she completed her studies, Kamila would return to school at age 20 to pursue a degree in fashion design. After finishing school and moving to the United States, she was about to start learning something different. For her, the duration wasn’t all merry because she faced a language barrier for most of her studies in America.

Why Kamila Chose Sewing

Kamila loves detailed work and because she is a very practical person. She chose European tailoring and sewing because of the quality the materials produce. As she manages to improve her skills and business, Kamila considers ways to brand her talents as something current, hip, and cool for capturing her clientele’s attention.

Kamila’s Job Experience in America

Kamila’s first job in the country was babysitting, where she learned a lot about living with other people. However, it’s an experience that she never pictured before but appreciates because she was able to learn valuable things in the process. Kamila then started to work in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she designed clothing for shows and artists like Celine Dion.

Her Journey into Entrepreneurship

According to Kamila, her journey to entrepreneurship hasn’t been that easy. But like most other successful businesswomen, she understood that it usually isn’t that easy to start and scale a business. She applied for grants to set up a shop during her start, and it took time before everything fell into place.Kamila is a firm believer in hard work and seeks to deliver the best products from her business.

Kamila’s Clientele

While COVID significantly affected her and other people’s businesses, Kamila’s business picked up the pace nicely. It’s positive that she’s now getting new clientele, which shows that more positive results are on the way.Currently, Kamila is just trying to balance her business and being a full-time mom. It’s a challenging experience, but she loves every detail about it.

Kamila’s Message to Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs and the Taos Community

Kamila believes in doing the best of her abilities to fulfill her job and serve her clients accordingly. She also loves to see young girls daring to accomplish big dreams and thinks that more women should be ambitious. She values the people around her, and that’s why she wouldn’t want to treat anyone with less respect than they deserve.