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Kelsey Grae Blue Bronco Collections

About Kelsey Grae

Kelsey Grae is the creator and founder of Blue Bronco Collections. Kelsey has been doing this for the last three decades, consolidating various crafts and projects. The Blue Bronco Collection is a multimedia handicraft and personal creation label of hers. Kelsey doesn't specialize in any particular craft. Instead, she is very cyclical and seasonal with whatever she sees and likes. Kelsey loves blown up colors and textures regardless of the size and shape. She crafts from desire and suggestions as well.

Kelsey's Turban Headbands

Kelsey likes to call her turban headbands crown dye. That's because they showcase a dramatic statement of a wrapped fabric. The turban headbands feature an elastic band. This band enables you to wear it over a messy burn and on an elaborate curl or straightening job. And besides framing your face, this headwear also makes you feel like royalty. Kelsey makes and sells the headbands, incorporating bold colors and patterns. Alexander Henry is a fabric designer that Kelsey admires for their bold and beautiful designs for people to wear as crowns.

Blue Bronco Collections

Why She Started

These patterns inspired Kelsey's headband collection. Kelsey also wanted to incorporate this accessory into different paintings, patterns, and textures to fit everyday outfits.

Kelsey's Formal Training on the Craft

Surprisingly, Kelsey has had no formal training on the craft, even sewing. She learned most things with her grandmother, whom she spent 17 years with before she passed. Her grandmother turned any chaos looking material into something beautiful and worth gazing upon. Kelsey was taught to appreciate different materials based on its uniqueness, shape, or any other indifference.

COVID's Impact on Kelsey's Craft

During COVID, Kelsey has had plenty of time to act carefully and start over. This time gave her enough time to work on her craft and improve on it as well. It also taught her patience because of the inability to get specific materials.

Besides that, the COVID situation also took Kelsey back to the starting days, where she had to find the materials. Currently, she works with what she has around if it can satisfy what she's looking to design or create.

The Importance of Crafting to Kelsey

Regardless of the nature of the craft, Kelsey finds happiness in creating it. She describes it as an inward exercise, and it's something that she can't do without.That's because at the end of the day, what matters most is the quality of your work. Her work is reflective, quiet, and modest. It's the work that she puts in when creating even the little things that she finds her real meaning. She's proud of her work and loves the details she puts in every creation regardless of the size, color, or nature.

Kelsey's Targets for the Rest of 2020

Kelsey's deep desire for the rest of 2020 is to start reconnecting with friends, families, and essential members of her crafting community. Her goal is to begin the re-connection process right at home before extending her reach out to more elsewhere. Although it might be cold at first, Kelsey still believes things we'll get better.

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