Kristin Gemma Ra'Star - Wumaniti Sanctuary

Kristin Gemma Ra'Star - Wumaniti

Gemma Ra'Star is a very interesting and wholesome personality. She is a mother, an equine therapy coach, and also the founder of the Wumaniti Sanctuary. That is not all, Gemma Ra'Star is also the creator of Hemp Heroes, a CBD product.

Gemma and her organization can be found in downtown Taos, and they have been serving the community for over 20 years now. Kristin loves preaching self-care and emphasizes people to love more, be fearless, and share more as we survive the rest of 2020 together. She also likes championing for plant medicines.

Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Kristin started from scratch with no support whatsoever from friends or family, and had to figure things out on her own. She quit school at age 14, but she discovered her medicine path when she came to Taos 20 years ago. Kristin is a mother of two beautiful girls, and her entrepreneurial journey has received some fair share of challenges.

Among the challenges,competition has been the most that she has had to deal with. That is because there have emerged greedy makers and sellers in the hemp CBD industry. Unlike Kristin,these people do not care about the cause or helping people, and they are just in it for the money.

She emphasizes that people should support local and small businesses to keep good plant medicine culture local.

About Kristin's Healing and Medicine Practice

Note that Kristin is not a medical professional, nor does she claim that she cures any diseases. She is just an enthusiast about self-care and the value that nature brings.Before she started offering help to others, Kristin first learned to self-heal herself.

Although she came to Taos due to hardships, Kristin has indeed made lemonade from lemons. But she had to deal with her addictions first. Hemp CBD also helped with her PTSD, trauma, and stress.

Kristin's will to survive and heal herself allows her to understand better what she is doing when selling her hemp CBD products to people needing self-care help. To her, it is away of giving back to the community in the best way she can.

Kristin's CBD Products and He rNonprofit Organization

Created on January 29, 2014, Wumanti Sanctuary was incorporated as a nonprofit. The organization has 30+hemp CBD products for the benefit of people's health and wellness.

Kristin and her organization have also been offering free equine therapy once a week for the last seven years. The organization is currently planning several events that will help people learn more about self-health and self-care as they go through life. The organization also welcomes collaborations from ranches with horses to help reach more people with equine therapy.

Kristin emphasizes that hemp is an essential plant for helping to improve health. Kristin also speaks from the experience from the hundreds of

testimonials that back up Kristin's passion for plant medicine. Kristin's primary goal is to help people understand how safe and important this medicine can be in dealing with multiple health issues.

However, she still emphasizes to seek medical advice before starting the Hemp Heroe CBD wellness journey.

What is Hemp CBD?

Hemp is a specific variety of C.sativa. Hemp has been grown for hundreds of years. Hemp has been used to make things like rope,clothes,sails,food, and much more. Industrial hemp has an equally long history in the United States? Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the U.S., grew it himself.

Hemp CBD has less than 0.3percent THC as hemp or industrial hemp, so it is non-psychoactive. Producers can grow it legally across most of the U.S., but is subject to strict regulations.

Kristin'sNew Year's Message and Resolution

Kristin would love people in the Taos community to be more enthusiastic about arts and crafts. Additionally, her greatest message is spreading happiness to people in this community. She emphasizes that we need to spend more time with our family, friends and do activities such as equine therapy that improve our wellness.

This will help us stay strong during this COVID period, and you can always seek Kristin's services if you feel in need.




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