Lesley Michaels - Woman to Woman

Lesley is a writer who also has a podcast, and her work is dedicated to helping women and inspiring them to be better individuals in everything they do. She also doesn't shy away from calling women out and urging them to act better, work harder, and be ambitious.

Lesley's Take on Habitual Human Behaviour

According to Lesley, habitual human behavior is something that's rooted deep in our DNA. It's been with us for centuries, if not millenniums, and dates back to when humans ' only motive or purpose was survival.With habitual human behavior, women are primarily considered mothers and only do chores around the house. This is the same with racial bias, which dates back to the oppression days.Lesley was born a feminist, and her paternal grandmother was a suffragette. So, feminism and the desire to fight for women's rights were instilled in Lesley at a very early age. To date, Lesley continues to study habitual human behaviors and specifically to women, to learn what really limits them.Her mission is to really teach how women can emancipate themselves from such limitations.

Lesley's Definition of Unwavering Self-Trust

Lesley explains unwavering self-trust as decision-making without relying on other people's opinions, including your family. To her, she believes that a person should not fear making their own decisions and instead should learn how to make better ones.

Her Experience in Being a Woman in the Corporate Oil Business

She explains the experience as brutal because most men either dismiss women with such status quo or see them as their competition. So, it was really interesting for Lesley to work at such a high level that only a few women were in power.

Why Lesley Went from Corporate Oil Business to Public Speaking

Lesley really wanted to go back to where it all started with her paternal grandmother and feminist life that she grew up understanding. So, she decided to take the time and learn more about habitual human behavior, specifically to women. However, Lesley wouldn't relinquish the experience of working in the corporate oil business. This is because working there for six years helped her build several small businesses, which financed other activities like learning and building organizations that supported women.

Getting to Her Independence

Lesley describes her journey to being an independent woman and a well-known speaker and writer as a bumpy one. She also believes that if women were to really reach their full potential in their respective fields, they would have to sacrifice a lot.This is because the journey to entrepreneurship and self-realization is very personal and tiresome. However, the rewards are worth all the sacrifice as long as you have your goals clearly set and achieved.

Lesley's Future Plans

Her future plans include getting back out there to reach more women and men with her agenda. Lesley really aspires to remove the patriarchy and end internalized misogyny, which many people are accustomed to.She's also finished writing her book and aims to reach more women and men interested in her type of work through the book.

Her Message to Women

To women and people who follow her work in general, Lesley urges them to follow their inner instinct. As much as she doesn't want people to disregard what they grew up learning, the only way to succeed as a person is to bet on yourself consistently regardless of whatever you are facing.

Interview and photos by: True Kids 1