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Lindsey Bain - Taos Chamber

Lindsey Pfaff Bain was born and raised in northern New Mexico. She came to Taos about 12 years ago and just fell in love with the community in this town. Lindsey mostly came to Taos with her mother, who volunteered most of the time.So to her, Taos has always felt like second home ever since she was a little girl visiting the town occasionally.

Her Educational Background

As for her academics, Lindsey graduated from Los Altos High School. She later went to Eastern New Mexico for college, where she participated in cross country racing and then finished up at state. Additionally, Lindsey was also involved in communication and marketing, PR and had a background in sales general management.

Lindsey's Experience in Establishing Her Career

Like most people, Lindsey started working at different jobs that she could find in Taos. In the organization that she's working in, she worked her way up from a membership outreach to the director of Taos County Chamber of Commerce. Her job mainly entails talking to visitors, people who live in Taos, and businesses to connect them to necessary resources.

What Lindsey and Her Team Implemented During COVID

Lindsey and her team worked to put out the correct and necessary information to all the local small businesses, non-profits, and people they usually help. Hence, they made sure that any info coming from a state and federal level was indicated and explained clearly on their websites as well as their outreach campaigns.

Improvements Noticed

Lindsey is thankful that they were able to pass out necessary information during COVID and helped people and businesses that struggled. They implemented different strategies, and they experienced massive improvements throughout the entire process. Notable enhancements include when Lindsey and her team started to get support from other kinds of organizations to help Taos's community.

Lindsey's Expectations After the Reopening

During the pandemic's peak, Lindsey supported and offered resources to Taos's community and wanted their opinions concerning everything about the reopening. So, they set out multiple suggestion resources for the community members to share their thoughts and ideas.Lindsey and her team are looking forward to hearing people's thoughts and implementing solutions according to the community's needs. She's also missed interacting with people face to face because, to her, that's more intimate.

Lindsey's Personal Lessons and Her Contribution to the Chamber

Having gone through so much in her life as a young girl, Lindsey has had to really be strong for herself. All her misfortunes have taught her to be more empathetic to other people's struggles, especially those in Taos.So, Lindsey and her team really work hard to ensure that all the vulnerable people in society are well-cared for. She's also working to bring positive changes to the younger community with the aim of making them more productive. Lindsey believes in togetherness and that people can only thrive when they closely and respectfully work together.

Her Message to the People of Taos

Lindsey urges people to be more patient and hopeful that things will get back in even better shape after the reopening. Also, she believes that the community needs to put in positive efforts towards achieving those goals.