Marvin MacAuley - Mora Independent Schools

Born and raised in a little village called Vadito in Taos County. Marvin MacAuley is an outdoor kind of person and likes to go ice fishing when he finds the time. He also likes hiking, hunting, and skiing, among other winter-based activities. Marvin is also a sports enthusiast and played rugby when he was in Europe. Marvin is the Mora Independent School Superintendent. He has been serving in that position for close to two years now. Besides being the superintendent of different schools, Marvin also worked as a teacher for several years. 

 His Plans for the Upcoming School Year

Marvin is looking forward to the upcoming school year and hopes that they can educate the students to the best of their abilities. Similarly,he also plans to provide safety measures to the students and staff during the entire school year. Therefore, he has had to juggle different mandates and regulations coming from the state level. This is so that he can translate them into the local level for the benefit of the students, staff, and the whole community as well.

 Structures to Implement

While there are many ways to learn remotely, Marvin and his team have struggled with delivering education during the pandemic because most of the students live in rural areas. This is because not all students have access to the technology that can enable them to learn remotely. Hence, Marvin and the schools he is working for have been trying to navigate this technological insufficiency mainly because they had to install Wi-Fi with help from different departments and buy devices for students who cannot afford the devices to learn remotely.

 Mora's Greatest Needs

It continues to be a challenging transition for education during this pandemic. Currently, Marvin and his team have been working on renovating classes to modern styles, installing internet, and adding devices to their institution. Fortunately, they have received federal funding for most of their projects, but they still need more support to meet their goals.

How Marvin Got into Education

After getting his degree, Marvin went on to become an environmental scientist. This is something he thought that he would love but ended up losing interest in it while practicing. He then moved to a rural environment to raise his kids but there no jobs as an environmental scientist.

Instead, Marvin signed up for an opening as a science teacher and was fortunate enough to get the job. He was happy about the teaching experience and continued with his newfound passion for several years before transitioning to the superintendent position.

The Difference this Year

Marvin is obligated to keep the students and staff safe from contracting or spreading the virus. Therefore, they have to limit student interactions for those that come into school and keep offering education for those learning remotely.

Marvin's Message to Students and the Community

Marvin feels that we all need to be more patient with the current state of things and the protocols laid down for our safety. Generally,this is the first pandemic for the students, teachers, and even states. It is not easy, and it might continue to be, but people should not lose hope in a brighter tomorrow.