Michelle McIntosh - Beautiful and Pretty Things

Michelle McIntosh, a Taos local, has always had a love for clothing and pretty things. She moved to Taos from Malibu Beach, California 51 years ago with her family, growing up in Taos, it was the best decision of her life. Michelle had her daughter, Lindsay, who is now turning 30. When Lindsay was one, an earthquake in LA prompted the family to move back to Taos in with grandma in Taos.


After her daughter was old enough to attend daycare, Michelle got a job at a boutique called Wildlife. She worked there for many years before moving on to work at an art gallery for the Global Family. It was there that Michelle discovered her passion for selling beautiful paintings. She eventually ended up working for Chan Chan for Liz Burns, a boutique in a 100-year-oldhouse in Taos.


After a few years of working for Liz, Michelle decided she wanted to open her own business. When Liz decided she no longer wanted to run the boutique, she offered to sell it to Michelle. It's been 14 years since she took over the space and turned it into her own store. The last three years, during the COVID-19 pandemic, have been especially challenging, but Michelle has adapted by getting on Instagram, which has changed everything for her business.


Michelle McIntosh's passion for supporting local artists and small, women-owned businesses is evident in her store. She has curated a collection of handmade goods that includes everything from sequins to cowboy boots to bamboo pajamas. She strives to have as many local artists as possible in her store, but also carries quality, artisan Fairtrade goods from around the world.


In addition to clothing and accessories, Michelle also carries items like green chili, local tea, and local honey. She wants the store to be a welcoming and comfortable place where people can touch and explore the items. Her dream is to have a bigger store that includes furniture, and she believes that it will happen someday.


Being on the highway is a dream for Michelle, as it allows people to drive by and discover her store. She has customers who have been driving by for years and have finally come in to visit. Her store has a homey and welcoming atmosphere where visitors can feel comfortable asking questions and exploring the items.


Michelle is thrilled that people are still finding her store and discovering what she has to offer. She was touched by a recent comment from a customer who said, "I know why people love you." Michelle wants to continue to create a space that makes people feel good and brings joy to their lives.


Michelle McIntosh's store is not just a business, it's a place where she can share her passion for supporting local artists and small,women-owned businesses. She enjoys meeting people from all over the world and hearing their stories.


When customers come in and ask her how she got started, she tells them that she started with just $2,000 and encourages them to pursue their own dreams if they love buying and selling, and if they love people. She believes that if you want to do something, you should just go for it.


Michelle has always been a cheerleader for her daughter, Lindsay, and encourages her to pursue her dreams as well. She believes that if you want to do something, you should say yes to everything and not hold back. Michelle's philosophy is to always be open to new experiences and opportunities because you never know what might happen if you don't take the chance.




136 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte

Taos NM, 87571


(575) 751-3450