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Michelle Montez - Not Slowing Down

Born and raised in Taos, New Mexico, Michelle Montez is a high school senior student at Taos High School. Michelle likes to spend her with music. she is a classically trained vocalist and violinist and has much passion for her future.

A Glimpse at Senior Year for Michelle

At first, Michelle thought that her chance to be a senior student had been snatched away by the dawn of the pandemic. At first, it was also depressing when she had to attend classes online. But after getting used to it, more opportunities have come up for Michelle while staying at home.She has been able to accomplish more at home, and the experience has been exhilarating for her. When the pandemic started, Michelle started classical vocal training, which opened up so many opportunities. She was able to apply to her dream school, Juilliard, during the pandemic. Even though she didn't receive an acceptance, just knowing that she was an applicant meant something huge for her.

Michelle's Positive Experiences

One of her major accomplishments with COVID is that Michelle has been fortunate enough to be the senior representative for Sean Kelly Portrait Studio. She also started modeling, and Michelle has also been managing UNM dual credit classes, which has been a rewarding experience for her. After graduation, Michelle will only need to take one math class during the summer. This also means that she will be graduating with two years of college under her belt already. Michelle has been busy for the past four years because she has been taking classes for both high school and college at the same time.

Her Perception for the Graduation this Year

Michelle wants a virtual graduation, but it will all depend on the governor's decision. For her, the virtual experience has been fun for the past year. Even though things weren't as exciting at first, she bought into the idea of virtual learning and now hopes that the graduation will be the same.However, it all depends on what the authorities decide, and she's open to whatever the final decision will be concerning the graduation ceremony.Michelle's Plans After High SchoolAfter high school, Michelle will be pursuing higher learning at the UNM main campus in Albuquerque, where she has been accepted. There, Michelle is planning to major in the following fields:· Speech and hearing science· MusicMichelle plans on getting her master's in four years before going for her doctorate in six years. Michelle also plans to specialize in Vocal Speech and Language Pathology.

Her Message to Fellow Seniors

To her fellow seniors, Michelle feels the best thing to do now is to follow their hearts. And while what we decide on right now might determine the rest of our lives, she believes that there is no power in overthinking. Additionally, she thinks that people should do their best wherever life takes them. With such a mindset, Michelle believes that people can make the most out of their time here on earth.Michelle's Message to the FutureShe hopes that her future self will be happy and loving life like she is right now. Even amid a pandemic, Michelle still finds reasons to stay happy and hopeful, which she hopes to carry on into the future.