Nicaea Chavez - Peñosco School District

Nicaea Chavez is from Las Vegas, New Mexico, but she is currently working in Peñasco, which is also in New Mexico. She likes spending quality time with her children and family, and they also love sports, especially basketball. Also, Nicaea enjoys engaging in outdoor activities like boating and fishing. Nicaea is a middle school and high school principal and the district's Special Education Director in Peñasco.

How Nicaea Got in Education

She comes from a line of educators, so it was only inevitable for her to join the teaching world. Nicaea's great-grandmother started teaching in Colorado, and her grandfather was one of the first children in her family to get an education.

Her grandfather served as the vice president both at the New Mexico Highlands University and the New Mexico Tech as well. Both of Nicaea's parents are also in education, and also several of her relatives too.

Hence, this was the natural path for her to follow, just as earlier explained. As for her schooling, Nicaea graduated from Las Vegas High School and pursued her bachelor's in Mexico Highlands University. She got her first Master's in Abilene Christian University, and her second Master's came from the Texas Tech University.

Her Goals with the Transition from in Person to Online School

According to Nicaea, the most significant transition came in servicing their students with social and emotional aspects. This is because they mainly focused on the student's well-being and mental health.

However, they faced many challenges in providing such assistance to the students, especially with all the intact preventive measures. Nevertheless,their goal remains to ensure that students in good condition, both physically and mentally, as they receive their educational content.

Nicaea's Observations During the Transition

Nicaea has seen some positive improvements since the transition started taking place. This can mostly be seen in the students in regards to their social and emotional aspects, as well as their mental health.

More students are happy, and their parents acknowledge that happiness is not superficial, making this entire transition a worthwhile process.

Needs and Challenges Transitioning Back to Full Time

First, Nicaea knows that other students are still struggling with mental health, social and emotional things. To help those students through their struggles, the institution has a full-time social worker and two others,so the students get the needed help.

Additionally, there is the issue of other students remaining in remote areas and far from school. It is not easy to reach out to them and come to grounds on the best way forward for all of them.

Her Expertise

Nicaea was unfortunate to lose her son when he was only six years old because he was born with a rare and health-threatening condition.From that experience, she got motivated to help out the children with special needs and ensure that they get the help and education they need and deserve.

That is one reason why this path remains vital because it is away of honoring her son.

Her Message to Others During this Pandemic

Nicaea encourages people to embrace perseverance because we have shown remarkable resilience throughout this whole thing. She also hopes that people work together in ensuring that they follow the guidelines for better results in the end.

Moreover, with the administration of the vaccines going well,Nicaea is hopeful that people will start living fearless and interact with one another like how it was intended.