Scott Randolph - Local Sculpture's Journey to Happiness and Success

Scott Randolph is a metal sculptor who has called Taos, New Mexico home for the past 35 years. Prior to his move, Scott was a musician and artist in the Bay Area, where he worked as an illustrator and cartoonist and taught media literacy and various youth media programs. Scott's art is unique in that it is created entirely from salvaged metal. He enjoys the patina that comes with using found materials and appreciates that scratches and dents only add to the character of his pieces. Scott's process begins with scavenging trips to find the perfect pieces of metal, which he then cuts and shapes without welding in order to preserve the natural patina.


Scott Randolph's metal sculptures are held together using a traditional technique called riveting. He uses a Beverly shear, a tool from the Industrial Revolution, to carefully cut the metal and bring his designs to life. Scott's background in art and architecture has influenced his approach to sculpture, but he ultimately found his true passion in the freedom of being an artist and musician. Scott has been a part of the Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque for 20 years and has had work featured in several other galleries as well. However, the pandemic has been tough on the art industry, leading to the closure of two of the galleries that carried Scott's work. Despite this,Scott has found success with collectors in the film industry and others who appreciate his unique style. To Scott, the most important thing is expressing himself and having fun with his art, regardless of whether it fits into traditional definitions of "art." If it speaks to his heart and resonates with others, that's all that matters to him.


For Scott Randolph, the financial aspect of being an artist and musician is secondary to the joy and fulfillment he derives from creating.When he makes a piece of art, his goal is to please himself and if it finds a home with someone else, that is simply a bonus. Scott believes that there are two key ingredients to success as an artist: being prolific and finding your own voice. He emphasizes the importance of making a lot of art and continuously experimenting to discover your own unique style. Scott is also an avid music lover and DJ on KNCE, a radio station in Taos, and credits music as a major source of inspiration for his own art. If you're interested in seeing more of Scott's work, you can visit his website at or check out his pieces at the Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque. Scott is also open to the possibility of having a gallery in Taos in the future.


In conclusion, Scott Randolph's metal sculptures are a testament to his passion for art and the unique perspective he brings to his work. His use of salvaged metal and traditional techniques sets him apart and adds character to his pieces. Scott's background in art and architecture and his love of music all contribute to his artistic style, and he has found success with collectors who appreciate his vision. Whether through his gallery shows or his website, Scott's art is available for all to see and enjoy.