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Sorché Morgan - Cultural Diversity

Appreciating Diverse Cultures

We all have come across at least one different culture from ours at some time in our life. One can observe and identify how people from different cultures did things differently. Culture can be experienced in many different ways, through behaviors, beliefs, and other things like art. You have a different culture from your neighbors and friends. Everyone has a certain way they behave or do things in specific settings. Culture is not limited to locations and colors. To live together in harmony, we need to embrace one another's cultures. Black History Month celebrates and promotes unity by embracing black culture. Black History Month came into being in the United States after the Black United Students and black educators proposed Black History Month in February 1969.

Black History Month has since been celebrated by educational institutions, black communities, and across all cultures. Today, more are becoming enthusiastic about it. There has been a progressive interest from the non-blacks, an important gesture extending a welcome and accepting hand. In 1976, the United States president, Gerald Ford, encouraged Americans to embrace the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of Black Americans in many areas of endeavor.

Embracing the Black Culture

Before African Americans gained their freedom, they were slaves for a long time. Activists like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X fought for their equality. With time they gained equal rights as other non-black races and ended up sharing social amenities, schools, transport, etc.  Black people have always been fighting for equality for hundreds of years. While there has been much accomplishments and change, there is still a long way to go before equal truly feels like equal.

Learning from the Black Culture

African Americans have contributed to America's rich culture with their developments in various fields such as art, music, and sciences. There has been a great appreciation that needs to be better recognized. America was built on the very backs of African Americans today. Maybe not directly, but they will always carry the burden and accomplishments of their ancestors. African Americans have brought positive changes to the country and yet still suffer biased prejudice on a daily.

The more we celebrate Black History, the more recognition we can give to those who paved the way for other African Americans to achieve a higher purpose in life than just stereotypes. It is thanks to those who stood and fought for a place for African Americans to be free and seen as human.
Their contributions have received recognition not only nationally but also globally.

Unity through cultural diversity

To live in unity means learning how to live together. It also means talking to people who are not like you; a different skin color, speak a distinct language, and different food, or even wear differently...Learning to fall in love with the culture.

Our variances should not take away the humanity in us. Just as we appreciate black people, we should extend the same to people from other cultures. That way, we learn from the uniqueness of others while sharing and fostering unity.

Human beings are the same everywhere. We experience the same emotions, feelings, desires, and cravings. We have the choice to stay together in unity or stay apart in discord. Cultures are diverse not only in the United States but also worldwide.

Think about it, wouldn't it be boring if we all had the same culture? Life is meant to be interesting when we cross paths with people that are different from us. That prompts us to learn more about and from them. In exchange, we learn about ourselves and expand as individuals. We have a deeper understanding of other's life situations. In all, we will have a lot more love in our hearts. Black History Month is a celebration, which shows that skin color does not define a person's ability. Every contribution made by African Americans has been benefited by all.
Let us all live together in unity, and let us embrace all cultures.





Judith Cordova