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The Desert Ratt - Local DIY Artist

The Desert Ratt

Commonly known as the Desert Ratt, Jes Jam has been around Taos pretty much his entire life. He started playing music when he was about 14-15 years old. One day he borrowed his friend's bass guitar, though he knew nothing about tuning it or playing any instrument for that matter. However, Desert Ratt learned how to adjust to the bass guitar and bought his own by the time he was 16 years.At 17 years of age, he had already been in and out of several bands. Afterward, he moved out of his parent's house and played in several bands again in Las Cruces.

Desert Ratt's Training Process

Desert Ratt has had no formal training whatsoever and has relied on do-it-yourself methods to learn all the instruments he plays. He met people who had a grasp of specific instruments and learned from them what he only wanted to know.

First Performance

Though vaguely, Desert Ratt still remembers his first performance, which took place in a coffee shop. He had friends who were putting on a show, so he practiced almost every minute of the day for a whole week. He performed two songs at that time, and one of them got a bit messed up, but he kept the show going. The band he was in was called Nutty Parfait, which was like an experimental hip-hop funk band.

The Pandemic's Impact on The Music

Unlike well-known musicians in Taos, DIY artists such as Desert Ratt and others in the same line have been feeling the heat during this period. It's hard because most people aren't looking for a DIY type of performers now, so Desert Ratt took his work online to social media platforms to counter this occurrence. Desert Ratt and his bandmates meet and perform in the backyard to play and watch with the audience on Facebook Live. In terms of pushing his work, Desert Ratt now only relies on his circle of friends to share his CDs.

Why It's So Important

Desert Ratt describes music as something that gives him the voice he usually doesn't have. Music enables him to stand in front of people and be more comfortable when sharing his emotions. He watched performers like Evan Greer and Ryan Harvey, who were his childhood heroes. Desert Ratt loved how they expressed themselves when performing, which was a significant contributor to his current music passion.

Goals for the Rest of 2020

Desert Ratt's top goal is to see this year through with his friends. This year he has seen many people perish during the pandemic. Therefore, Desert Ratt's primary concern is to help his friends whenever possible during this trying time. He also wants to try something new for the remainder of the year. Desert Ratt switched careers from his day job life. He plans on having fun on this new road that he has taken.

Where to Find Desert Ratt's Work

Desert Ratt's music is available online for free. He presents himself generously to his fans, and anyone can listen and download his work without paying. However, you can still support his work if you want to, but Desert Ratt states that his music will forever be available without a charge.